More Than Button Pushing

Classroom Instruction

The quality of our training will determine our mission success. Shortcuts during training can have negative long-term effects on our mission readiness. This article is intended to pick up where The Lost Art of Training left off. If you haven’t read it yet, I would suggest you start there.

The Shifting Sands of Technology

White Sands

Technical competence is the foundation on which our profession is built. We are in a constant race to maintain a relevant set of skills. Technology is continuously changing and evolving like shifting sand under our feet. If we fail to learn and adapt, we will be left behind.

2015 Warrant Officer Promotion List

Warrant Officer 97 Years of Service

So in case you missed it, at long last the FY 15 warrant officer promotion list was released (two weeks into FY16). You can see the list here. While I am sure that branch will send out their analysis shortly a couple of quick numbers after looking at the list.

Cyber Operations Technician Warrant Officer Accession Details Announced


MILPER Message 15-294 was released today which officially announced the details of the first 170A Cyber Operations Technician accession board. I had previously said that I believed that the Jan 2016 selection board would be the first time that 170A was looked at, instead it looks like it will now be the March 2016 board which is expected to be held O/A 14 March 2016.

Creating a new Corps


The Army has been in the process of standing up its new Cyber Corps for a little while now. Starting with the creation of the 17A MOS for regular officers, and followed by the recently completed its first round of Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP) for the warrants working to start to fill the 170A warrant officer slots, and finishing out the processes with the initial fill of Soldiers who are becoming 17C.

What’s Your Clearance?

According to, one of the most valuable things that any of us can bring to the table when we transition out of the Army is our security clearance. As a warrant officer, each and every one of us (regardless of MOS) is required to keep a SECRET clearance just to keep or jobs. In the civilian word, a SECRET clearance is great, but having a TOP SECRET is just a little bit better (and in many cases a lot more money).