January (well February) Warrant Officer Selection Results

So after the first government shutdown delayed the meeting of the selection board last month, HRC today published the results for the January/February Warrant Officer selection board.  This board looked at 255A and 255N.


SSG Aaron Alvarez
SSG Marco Barragan
SSG Constance Battle
SGT DavidAnderson Deane
SGT David Diehl
SSG Jasamine Emanuel
SSG Brent Erickson
SGT Ronald Felder
SSG Demetrius Gray
SSG Robert Hampton
SSG Matthew Harless
SSG Brooks Joseph
SGT Benjamin Luntsford
SGT Benjamin Lutes
SSG Robert May
TSGT Herschell McKinley
SSG Terrance Newell
SSG Alexander Oliva
SSG Carlos Ramos
SSG Martin Tegang
SSG Chad Thurman
SGT Raoof Wali
SSG Tiffany Williams


SSG Craig Cullison
SSG Timothy Custer
SGT Steven Ficken
SSG Lamario Harris
SSG Rhett Mason
SSG Joshua Mendez
SFC Brian Mount
SSG Luke Pilkington
SSG Rafal Pirog
SSG William Price
SGT Derick Struble

So HRC did something new this month and didn’t publish the non-selects so I have no idea what the pickup rate was but considering it was 24 255A and 10 255N I have to imagine the rate was pretty high.  This tells me a few things.  One, that if you want to get your packet in, do it.  Secondly, that we need to do a better job of getting more packets in front of the board so talk to your NCOs and work with them to get their packet submitted.

The next selection board meets March 26 and will have packets for 170A.  Packets for that board are already due.  The next signal board is in May and packets are due March 30th so get to work.

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  1. Matt

    I believe you are on point with your analysis. We all need to do a better job of recruiting and encouraging others to backfill us as we move on.

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