2017 Warrant Officer Promotion List (Finally)

First, let me say congrats the the 675 CW2(P), 375 CW3(P), and 70 CW4(P) that were announced today after a very long long long wait for the release of the list.  As someone who was looked at this year, I can say personally that the wait has sucked although I have absolutely enjoyed all of the memes showing up on Facebook (we have got some very creative warrants out there with apparently to much free time on their hands).  The other very interesting thing thing about this year’s board is the fact that they somehow managed to release the sequence numbers for the first three months 3 days before they actually released the list.  How that works, I have no idea but either way.

So anyway, I am currently sitting in a class learning the introduction of how to do the job I have been performing just fine for the last 2.5 years which means I have plenty of time (and not much else) to go through these results and do a little bit of analysis.  By the way, this is only for the techs because I don’t really care about the aviators.

Chief Warrant Officer 3

Out of the 938 files that were looked at this year, 675 of them were picked up with an overall selection rate of right about 72% (all and all, not a bad year).  The above the zone selection was at 35.5% and primary zone at 80.3%.

For signal, it looks like about 96 people were looked at with 57 selected (59%) which isn’t great.  More specifically:

  • 27/60 for 255A (45%)
  • 20/29 for 255N (69%)
  • and 9/10 for 255S (90%)

For cyber it was 18/21 for 170A (86%)

Chief Warrant Officer 4

Out of the 434 files that were looked at this year, 375 of them were picked up with an overall selection rate of about 86%.  The above the zone was at 51.2% (not bad at all) and primary zone at 88.1% (again not bad at all).

For signal, out of the 60 people looked at, 47 were selected (78%).

  • 23/33  for 255A (70%)
  • 17/20 for 255N (85%)
  • 7/7 for 255S (100%)

For cyber, it was 6/6 (100%)

Chief Warrant Officer 5

Out of the 257 files that were looked at, 67 of them were select of them primary zone and 3 more below the zone for an overall selection rate of 27%.  Above the zone was 17.1%, primary zone 27% and below the zone 1.8%.

For signal we were 7/19 overall (36%).

  • 5/12 255A (42%)
  • 1/4 255N (25%)
  • 1/3 255S (33%)

For cyber they were 2/3 (66%).

Final Thoughts

Once again, congrats to everyone that made it.  I was fortunate to be one of the people who was selected to CW4 and as of 2 days ago (Dec 3rd) am now promoted.  It was honestly not my intent to get promoted, and if I was selected, I had planned on turning it down but that has changed a little bit.  First, I’m not even positive by regulation that I could turn the thing down.  By reg, you have to decline the promotion before the effective date.  However because of all of the delays in getting the list released, my effective date was 2 days before the list was actually released meaning I had absolutely no time between selection and effective.  The other consideration for me was that I hit my 20 years in July 2019.  With my effective date being Dec 17, it means only an extra 5 months for my ADSO before I could retire or do 17 months to get the full high three for my retirement pay.

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