May Selection Board Results

This was a busy month with board results to post for both 170A, 255A, and 255N.


SSG Cosdyn Akers
SSG Kristopher Bickmore
SFC Kirk Carter
SSG Bret Clements
TSGT Jordan Dale
SSG Gabriel Garcia
SFC Jeremiah Jones
MSGT Erin Palmer
SSG Ryan Paul
SSG Matthew Rayburn
SSG Blane Richoux
SFC Eric Rigdon
SSG Eduardo Rodriguez Rivera


SSG Artur Blazej
SFC Jermain Brown
SSG Eric Carias
SSG David Durand
SGT Maria Hazel Ferguson
SSG David Harris
SFC Sharhonda Herman
SSG Hilario Ordonez
CPT Lindsey Pawlowski
SSG Esbanemmanuel Recendez
CPT Brent Richey
SSG Willie Roy
SSG Timothy Smith


SGT Jose Andrade
SSG Nikifor Banchoff
SSG Timothy Gass
SSG Cynthia Hermann
SSG April LaFrance
SFC Whitney Mondragon
SSG David Patterson
SSG Thomas Peterson
MSGT Sean Reuters
SFC Felix Salinas
SFC Adam Scott
SSG Justin Wroblewski

Once again they aren’t posting the non-select list however I did get some basic information from Signal on the selections.  For 255A there was an 88% selection rate and 81% for 255N.  Unfortunately, those numbers are way to high.  It means that we are selecting pretty much everyone that puts their packets in.  While I would love to think that every single person that drops their packet is the best of the best, we all know that’s not necessarily true.  Bottom line is Signal needs to fill a lot of slots, and because of the relative lack of packets, they are grabbing just about anyone they can.  I unfortunately don’t have information for Cyber.

Also today I found out that there is going to be an off cycle 170A board 23-27 July.  The submission deadline has already passed so if you have a 170A packet already in the system working, you will hopefully get looked at in July.  If you are still working your packet then the next regular 170A board is in Nov.  For signal, the next board is is 24 Sept.  Either way, talk to your people and get them to submit their packets.

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    • You know I was actually really surprised to see that for signal. I’ve seen it with cyber and it doesn’t surprise me because you have all of the officers with CS degrees that think they will be developers or something like that only to become PowerPoint bitches. Signal doesn’t normally have that problem.

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