Which Way Do I Go? (Effects on Routing When the Network Changes)

WIN-T Routing with HCLOS

As a general rule, all WIN-T nodes route traffic in pretty much the same way using pretty much the same configuration. We all know that at a CPN, both SIPR and NIPR traffic goes out the nodes TDMA link because, well, it has no other way to go. For a JNN, if the traffic is going to one of our subordinate units it goes out our TDMA, and if it is going somewhere else, it likely goes out our FDMA. We understand what it does, but most people have stopped thinking about why it does that. This is fine and dandy until we start making changes to the network.

Protecting Printers

The Army, and the world in general, has been slow to accept the fact that anything on a network can present a risk to that network. Routinely, we’ll place a device on the network without properly configuring it, patching it, or securing it without a second thought. Even on the occasion that we do think about the security of that device, we look at the device as being unimportant and it doesn’t really matter if it is compromised. Today we’ll talk about the threat sitting in the corner of the TOC….the printer