Air in the Fuel Line

Running on Empty

Just a quick post today. I didn’t include it in my NTC trends (although I probably should have) but something so incredibly easy to fix and yet I have seen it happen probably almost every single rotation (and in fairness, it happens probably once a rotation for my teams command post too)…..Getting air in the fuel line (aka…running out of gas).

To Certify or not to Certify?

We all know what a certification is, and many of us have obtained one or more over the years but why? As a Soldier, what do certifications do for us? Are they worth the time, effort, money?

Care to save America from Evil (at least in cyber space)?

This is for all of the NCOs that read this (and all of you Warrants who have NCOs that are computer nerds like many of us). As you have probably heard, the Cyber Center of Excellence, (aka…Fort Gordon) is looking for senior SGTs and above who are interested in becoming the founding group of 25Ds (Cyber Network Defender)

Warrant Officer Recruiting

Warrant Officer Banner

Warrants, aside from being experts at our job, we also have a responsibility to find the guy that will eventually replace us. We do this by working closely with our Soldiers and helping to groom our most promising to become future warrant officers.

Building Relationships for a Easier Future


Relationships are a big topic that we talk about in literally ever signal AAR. Why? Because relationships, or lack thereof, can help even the most poorly planned operation a success or kill the most detailed operation. Relationships are important to every staff officer because they enable to not only do our job, but to be much more effective at it.