Finding Your Replacement

WOC Rank on Hat

The Army Warrant Officer is a highly trained and specialized technical expert in their particular field. This has been true since its creation on July 9, 1918, but what a warrant officer is today has changed. Today we are no longer expected to just be the crusty old guy in the corner that drinks coffee and magically fixes things (although that is still true), we are also expected to be part “officer” as well. That means that we are leaders, we are staff officers, we are planners, and still, we are experts. This is a tall task to fill and requires that we continually replenish our ranks with only the most qualified and talented individuals available.

Cyber is Here

TACLANE Encrypted Tunnel

For anyone who doesn’t regularly check the MILPER message site you may have missed three separate messages that were released last week that directly affect signal warrants and our Soldiers. As you probably know, the Army is in the process of manning its new Cyber Branch. The officers got their chance to cross over earlier this year and it looks like the same is finally true for the warrants and Soldiers.

Happy Birthday Signal Chief

Cake Smash

One year ago today (June 1) is the one year anniversary for Signal Chief. What started out as a side project of mine to help educate Net Techs on the stuff that I see every rotation (in the hopes that they would be able to fix it before they go here) has kind of blown up. And while there is still a lot more that I would like to do with the site, I am pretty damn happy with where it is right now.