JNN Team Integration


Do you have everyone that you need (or would like) to complete your mission? If you are like pretty much everyone in the Army, the answer to that question is no. Rarely does a unit have everyone assigned to it that they are authorized and even in the case that they do, you still have people pulling guard, on profile, or whatever. The short answer is that we never have enough people to take care of all of the tasks that need to be completed which is why it is critical that we effectively manage how we use our personnel.

Seeing Trees and Forests

Trees and Forests

Have you heard the expression “Can’t see the forest for the trees”? Simply put, it means that someone gets so caught up in the details of the situation that they lose track of the bigger situation. This is a situation I see often by a variety of people in different positions but for the purposes of this article, we’ll be talking about Net Techs.

From the Foxhole – The Fort Bragg RHN

Fort Bragg RHN

The Bragg Regional Hub Node (RHN) is one of five RHNs in the world. The RHN is a critical component in the Warfighter Information Network Tactical (WIN-T) architecture and has significantly evolved over the past three to four years, meeting the ‘needs and requirements’ of the ever growing and developing WIN-T program. Regional Hub Nodes are an integral part of the network architecture and provide critical support for all three Army components and the Marines.

What is a Net Tech?

Warrant Officer Ranks

I have personally been in the Army for 15.5 years, with 8 of them wearing a “dot” on my chest. When I entered the Army in July of 1999 “Chief” was a mythical figure that I had heard of, but never seen. Chief was the crusty old guy that you only saw after you had been spending hours and hours trying to fix something. He would walk up to your site, spend 5 minutes looking at the problem and it would be fixed. Officers were afraid of him while Soldiers and NCOs were in awe. The Army and what Chief is has changed in many ways since then.

FSR Support

Duty, Honor, Respect

On this day in 2008, I learned the very hard lesson that how well we prepare our Soldiers to do their jobs in combat can mean the difference between the life and death of others.

The Lost Art of Training Soldiers

Signal Training

The training of our Soldiers has long been the cornerstone of providing our country the fighting force that we do today. Once upon a time training was the primary focus of the Army but that has changed over the last 13 years and we have moved away from the basics.

To Certify or not to Certify?

We all know what a certification is, and many of us have obtained one or more over the years but why? As a Soldier, what do certifications do for us? Are they worth the time, effort, money?

Care to save America from Evil (at least in cyber space)?

This is for all of the NCOs that read this (and all of you Warrants who have NCOs that are computer nerds like many of us). As you have probably heard, the Cyber Center of Excellence, (aka…Fort Gordon) is looking for senior SGTs and above who are interested in becoming the founding group of 25Ds (Cyber Network Defender)