What’s Your Clearance?

According to military.com, one of the most valuable things that any of us can bring to the table when we transition out of the Army is our security clearance.  As a warrant officer, each and every one of us (regardless of MOS) is required to keep a SECRET clearance just to keep or jobs.  In the civilian word, a SECRET clearance is great, but having a TOP SECRET is just a little bit better (and in many cases a lot more money).  Up until now, getting the upgrade from SECRET to TOP SECRET has been a bit of a pain but it looks like that is going to change.  According to a proposed change of DA PAM 611-21 would require that all 255A and 255N would be required to maintain a TOP SECRET clearance.  This is being done to ensure that we have access to all of the information out there that we need to both run and secure our networks.  Get ready to start filling out your SF-86s.

Top Secret

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