Sept Warrant Officer Selection Board Results

Congrats to all of the NCOs who have been selected to join the ranks of the Signal Warrant Officer Corps.


  • SSG Peter Aguon
  • SFC Nicholas Villanueva
  • SSG Peter Aguon
  • SFC Cody Allison
  • SSG Edeline Ascue
  • SSG Aaron Beck
  • SSG Omotayo Bogunjoko
  • SSG Christopher Brinton
  • SSG Lavar Carmon
  • SSG Joel Chamberlain
  • SSG James Dennis
  • SSG Crystal Edwards
  • SSG Richard Elerick
  • SSG Joseph Gerstenberger
  • SSG Eric Gregory
  • SSG William Jimenez
  • SFC Melvin Jones
  • SSG Derrick Kozlowski
  • SFC Johnathan Lozada
  • SSG Fraynel Mercadomartinez
  • SSG Joyce Nylander
  • SSG Sylvester Owens
  • SSG Gerald Starks
  • SSG Michael Thiel
  • SGT Ryan Webb
  • SSG Clouttia Young


  • SFC Tony Bell
  • SGT Jason Emig
  • SFC Matthew Funk
  • SSG Matthew Granger
  • SFC Justin Hamic
  • SGT Jacob Hammes
  • SSG Samuel Hart
  • SSG Cameron Keresey
  • SSG Brandon Kitchen
  • SFC Mamoud Koroma
  • SSG Adam Murdock
  • SSG Nathan Paquette
  • SSG Whitney Parker
  • SSG Timothy Schneider
  • SSG Christopher Sharp
  • SFC Kenneth Tucker
  • SSG John Vozzelli
  • SSG Gregory Wilson

The official MILPER message can be found here. For those of you who weren’t selected, packets for the January board are due on Nov 20. You can find all of the information here.  I have to admit, I was very surprised to see the huge number of people that got picked up for signal (42 by my count) and there were a fair number that were unfortunately not selected.  What this means is that we have done a much better job of getting our outstanding NCOs to get their packets dropped which will help ensure that we only select the ones that are truly the best rather than anyone who drops a packet because we have seats that we have to fill.  It is really important that we keep our efforts up and do our best to get our top NCOs to drop their packets and to keep the corps healthy.

Warrant Officer 97 Years of Service

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  1. Thanks for the support! Congrats to everyone that made it. I can’t wait to start this next step in my career. Will Majestic, just go ahead and download the packet now and start working on it. The next packet deadline is November.

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