Cyber Operations Technician Warrant Officer Accession Details Announced

MILPER Message 15-294 was released today which officially announced the details of the first 170A Cyber Operations Technician accession board.  I had previously said that I believed that the Jan 2016 selection board would be the first time that 170A was looked at, instead it looks like it will now be the March 2016 board which is expected to be held O/A 14 March 2016.  The future board schedule for 170A has not been released yet.  It is expected that selected candidates will go to Fort Rucker for WOCS in Aug/Sept and then report for WOBC training at Fort Gordon Oct 2016-Feb 2017.

There are a number of details about the requirements that interested NCOs must meet.  You should view the MILPER message to see all of the details (there are a lot of them).  Get your packets ready ladies and gentlemen and join the warrant officer corps.


3 Responses to “Cyber Operations Technician Warrant Officer Accession Details Announced”

  1. I am unable to access this website because I am in the Air Force and I would like to know the qualifications. Is it possible to access MILPER message 15-294 requirements from another website.

    • Yeah I cant login with CAC, and i dont see it on the site. The Air Force Times mentioned they are looking for Airmen to join warrant officer but we cant access AKO. I would love to see how to submit an application.

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