2015 Warrant Officer Promotion List

So in case you missed it, at long last the FY 15 warrant officer promotion list was released (two weeks into FY16).  You can see the list here.  While I am sure that branch will send out their analysis shortly a couple of quick numbers after looking at the list.  For promotion to CW3 for signal my rough math shows a pickup rate of 65.5% which is just slightly below the overall pick-up rate.  Both 255A and 255S got picked-up at 80% while 255N was a little lover at 65%.

I was very surprised to once again see a 100% pick-up rate for signal going to CW4.  Last year was essentially the same thing if I remember correctly.  I will be curious to see how much longer this trend goes on (hopefully for another 2 years for when I get looked at for CW4).  And last but not least there was about an 18% pick-up rate for CW5.  Like I said, I am sure that branch will be putting out a note eventually that breaks down what role education and other areas had in the board, I will be looking forward to see that.  Until then according to the HRC website this year’s board will convene on 10 May which means files will be due in probably March or so, so get to work updating your files now if you might fall onto that board.  Congrats to everyone that was selected.

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