Warrant Officer Recruiting

Warrant Officer BannerWhile this site was originally envisioned as a place for signal warrants, I have come to discover that there are a fair number of other people who frequent it which is great.  Warrants, aside from being experts at our job, we also have a responsibility to find the guy or gal that will eventually replace us.  We do this by working closely with our Soldiers and helping to groom our most promising to become future warrant officers.  I have had the pleasure of seeing 2 of my former Soldiers make the move into warrants.

While Soldiers will often approach us about becoming “Chief” we should also approach the ones that we see who have promise.  When working with any Soldier who wants to make the move, it is important to deal with them candidly.  Not everyone has what it takes to be a warrant officer and if that Soldier doesn’t have it, tell them.  Some things can be fixed with proper mentoring while others just don’t change.  If you feed them a line of BS, you are doing yourself and the warrant officer corps a disservice.

During FY15, we have three selection boards where the 255A and 255N MOSs will be assessed.  The dates are:

The full board schedule can be found at the Warrant Officer Recruiting Team website.

One of the cool things about both of the signal warrant officer MOSs is that they are open to all MOSs, as long as the Soldier has demonstrated signal related experience.  The exact requirements can be found at the 255A and 255N pages at the Warrant Officer Recruiting Teams website.  Also realize that because of a relatively low number of fully qualified candidates in the past, branch has been approving some waivers in the past.  Check with them (contact information is in the above links) to see if this is still possible.

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