Cyber is Here

For anyone who doesn’t regularly check the MILPER message site you may have missed three separate messages that were released last week that directly affect signal warrants and our Soldiers.  As you probably know, the Army is in the process of manning its new Cyber Branch.  The officers got their chance to cross over earlier this year and it looks like the same is finally true for the warrants and Soldiers.

The first two messages affect our Soldiers.  MILPER message 15-164 lists the procedures for Soldiers to come over to the new 17C MOS.  The basic requirements include:

  • TACLANE Encrypted TunnelEligible for reclassification
  • Physical profile of 222221
  • Normal Color Vision
  • 110 or higher GT
  • Have a SECRET clearance and able to get a TOP SECRET with SCI access
  • Pass a counter intel polygraph
  • Meet the below TIS requirements:
    • SPC and below less than 4 years
    • SGT less than 10 years
    • SSG less than 15 years
  • There are other requirements for SFC and MSG.

MILPER message 15-165 talks about the reclassification of reclassification of all Soldiers who currently hold the E6 ASI from their current MOS to the new 17C MOS.  This is primarily for Soldiers who are already working in a cyber mission unit.  This change will occur automatically unless the Soldier specifically requests not to change MOSs.  Read the MILPER message for additional details.

Finally, MILPER message 15-166 releases the details for warrant officers to reclass to the new 170A cyber MOS.  This will be done through a centralized selection panel.  Please remember the following dates:

  • 5 Jun 15 Application window open
  • 15 Jul 15 Application window closed
  • 3 Aug 15 Selection panel meets
  • O/A 25 Sep 15 Results are released

This is open to all warrants (WO1-CW5) regardless of current MOS unlike the 255S transfer program.  There is a lot of information for the people that they are looking for but priority goes to people currently serving in a cyber mission position as well as people with a highly technical background.  Again, please check the MILPER message for exact details and don’t forget that there are set dates attached to this one.

4 Responses to “Cyber is Here”

  1. Andrew Dunn

    Good morning,

    When should we expect to see 170A open for new accessions into the US Army Warrant Officer community?

    CTRC Andrew Dunn

    • Chief Troy

      Sam 255S is a signal MOS that looks at defense of the network, primarily at the tactical level although there are scattered throughout ARCYBER. 170A is the cyber warrant officer MOS who does both defensive and offensive work.

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