Happy Birthday Signal Chief

Today (June 1) is the one-year anniversary for Signal Chief.  What started out as a side project of mine to help educate Net Techs on the stuff that I see every rotation (in the hopes that they would be able to fix it before they go here) has kind of blown up.  And while there is still a lot more that I would like to do with the site, I am pretty damn happy with where it is right now.

Cake Smash
Happy Birthday Signal Chief (Photo by: Alicia Kowalski)

So just some figures to look at where we have been over the last year:

  • We have posted 50 articles (including two written by guest authors)
  • Our Facebook page has gone from 0 likes to 629 (with the largest cluster surprisingly being located in Colorado Springs)
  • According to Google Analytics https://www.signal-chief.com/ has:
    • Had 19,246 page views
    • 89% of our viewers are men and most (41.90%) fall in the 25-34 age range
    • Augusta (no surprise there) has been the largest source of page views (3.87%)
    • Chrome (with 44.54% of all page views) appears to be the favorite browser of the signal corps.
    • By a small majority (47.29% vs. 45.50%) most of you guys are looking at us from your phones. I guess that means that I really need to spend some time making the page mobile friendly.
    • 9% of all of our traffic is referrals from Facebook (so please share our posts with your friends).
    • Our most popular page (with the exception of the home page) with just over 1,000 page views was our article “What is a Net Tech

So what does the future hold for Signal-Chief?  Well, first I will be PCSing in July so while it is my goal to keep up with the postings while I am in transition, there may be some delays so bare with me.   As noted above, I really need to spend some time making the site mobile friendly.  If any of you are good with WordPress theme development and would like to help out, let me know.  Also, I am thinking about adding a forum to the site to make something a little bit more functional than what we have with the warrant officer groups on Facebook.

If you happen to have any other ideas or suggestions, I am all ears.   Additionally, if you are interested in contributing a post or two, I am always looking for guest authors.  It’s been a hell of a year, and I am looking forward to the next one.

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