FY16 Warrant Officer Selection Board

Recruiting Command released the warrant officer board schedule for FY16 last week (minus Sept for some reason).  As of right now, there are two boards that will look at 255A/N (although I expect that Sept will as well once it gets released).  The schedule is:


  • 11 Jan 2016 (Board packets due NLT 20 Nov 2015)
  • 16 May 2016 (Board packets due NLT 18 Mar 2016)
  • TBD Sept 2016 (Board packets due NLT TBD Jul 2016

The full board schedule can be found at the Warrant Officer Recruiting Team website.

One of the cool things about both of the signal warrant officer MOSs is that they are open to all MOSs, as long as the Soldier has demonstrated signal related experience.  The exact requirements can be found at the 255A and255N pages at the Warrant Officer Recruiting Teams website.  As I said very recently, the recent boards have had a very low number of applicants leading to over an 80% selection rate.  While that may be great for the candidate, it is not necessarily great for the Corps because it means we are selecting people because we have to, not because they are the best candidate.  Do your part.  Talk to your star NCOs, mentor them, and work with them to drop their packets.

Warrant Officer 97 Years of Service


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