May Warrant Officer Selection Results

Congrats to all of the NCO’s who were selected to join the warrant officer ranks.


  • SSG Jay Aleem
  • CPT Mark Beaman
  • SSG Christopher Campbell
  • SGT Donald Dunn
  • SSG Robert Edwards
  • SSG Larry Foster
  • SSG Elysa Garcia
  • SFC Tyronn Green
  • SSG Corbin Hahn
  • SSG Sharia Haywood
  • SSG Brandon Mendez
  • SFC Nathan Mendoza
  • SSG Laurel Obrien
  • SSG Frank Perez
  • SFC Francisco Rios
  • SSG Matthew Ruse
  • SSG Aristides Saint-Hilaire
  • SFC Matthew Schreifels
  • SSG Ryan Treat


  • SFC Lee Bellows
  • SSG Brad Camra
  • SGT Kyle Chapman
  • SSG Christopher Fox
  • SSG Jonathan Marcano
  • SSG Christopher Miller
  • SSG Nicholas Patterson
  • SGT John Pokluda
  • SFC Woody Valerio

The official MILPER message can be found here. For those of you who weren’t selected, packets for the September board are due on July 17. You can find all of the information here.  One last side note, on this board for signal, there were only 3 non-selects out of 31 packets reviewed (90% pickup rate).  While it is great that we were able to add all of these talented NCOs (and even a CPT) to the team, it also means that we as a team haven’t been doing nearly enough to get our Soldiers and NCOs to submit their application so that the board becomes that much more competitive and we truly get the best of the best to join us.

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8 Responses to “May Warrant Officer Selection Results”

  1. Miguel

    Easier said than done when it comes to recruitment. I have one NCO that would make a great warrant officer but his priorities are to finish college and get out. He has been fed up with the BS that comes with being the SME. I will continue to try to persuade him but that has been the case when it come sto qualified candidates.

    • Chief Troy

      Miguel, totally understand what you mean. When I was a BCT Net Tech I tried like crazy to get one of my JNN team chiefs to make the leap over. Despite my best efforts he ended up ETSing out.

  2. Chris W

    Maybe we need to look at who is doing the recruiting trips. I think that someone fresh from NTC and JRTC, who have seen it all, would be valuable for at least 6 months telling the real truth about being a Signal Warrant.

    The packet takes almost no time to put together now so that cant be their excuse. Back before, when we had to have microfiche, printed DA photos, and that silly resume, I had my packet together in a week and a half.

    That said, we need to get the regiment straight on one thing: the policy on only combat related profiles will be recommended for approval needs to be changed. We have bubbas injured from jumping out of planes and other service related injuries but for some reason, our regiment will not pass up a recommendation for a waiver while other regiments do.

    • Fraynel

      I’m in the Air Force and will be submitting a packet for the Sept board. If the Army is having a hard time pulling from within its own then why not exploit the fact that all the other services are meeting their end strength goals and reducing their numbers. I stumbled across the recruiting site in mid May and decided to submit a packet for the July board. My packet was ready to meet the submission deadline, but I am taking my time to review and make sure I submit a great product (I’ll submit it this week). From other forums that I visited I noticed that most soldiers make WOCS a career goal early in their career, and for others it takes a bit of time to meet the requirements once they’ve decided to pursue the transition. My point? I came across the site in May and I met all requirements to drop the packet for the July board. I imagine that there are a ton of other AF members that would be great candidates and that are already qualified, but like me, we never were exposed to this “possible” career transition. Two other NCOs in my work center have even started considering the possibility of crossing over depending on the results of my application/feedback. Just my two cents Chief.

      • Chief Troy

        You are absolutely right. Our sister services could be a great source of talent for the Army. I honestly have no idea how much of any effort we make to recruit from them other than the little section on the recruiting website. Not to long ago we had a unit come through on rotation whose net tech was not only a recent graduate from the basic course but was also air force before coming over. Everyone faces challenges at NTC especially a new WO1 but his challenges were a little more unique given the fact that he hadn’t even heard of WIN-T until a few months prior when he reported to school. Despite the challenge he did well as I think anyone can if they have the right attitude and dedication.

        • Fraynel

          Chief Troy,

          I had never heard of WIN-T until I read your response. Thanks to Google I now know what it is? How do these get integrated into the fight? Just for reach-back capabilities to the backbone? Do a few members go out to support a mission or is it a large team?

          • Chief Troy

            For the Brigade Combat Teamn (BCT), Division, and even to the Corps, WIN-T is the tactical network that they depend on when they aren’t at home station. It provides the LAN and WAN connections back into the DISA GIG. How it is deployed depends on which level you’re talking about and what version of WIN-T your unit has but it’s a fairly robust team reguardless.

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