All Good Things Must End

Well boys and girls after a lot of thinking, consideration, and discussion with my family, I’ve decided that it is time to call it a day with my career in the military. I submitted my request for retirement to HRC and it’s been approved with an effective date of 1 Sept 2020. This will put me at 21 years, 1 month and 16 days of active service.

There are a number of reasons for finally making this decision and in all honesty, it’s a year later than I had originally planned but it’s the way it worked out. I love what I do, but am tired of dealing with a variety of things as well. Over the next several months I’ll be putting up a number of posts as I move through the transition process.

2 Responses to “All Good Things Must End”

  1. Carroll Kelley

    I was NCOIC Radio Operations COMM CENTER, Bremerhaven, Germany 1966 1967.beautiful job. Congrats on your career. Well done.

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