How to Train (According to the Signal Branch)

So this morning I was checking my email at work and discovered a message announcing the official publication of TC 6-02.1 (The United States Army Signal Corps Training Strategy).  According to it’s preface this TC “provides training guidelines and strategies to develop and certify the proficiency of signal collective tasks in support of maneuver operations.”  I have not had a chance to read through it yet although I did do a bit of skimming this morning.  At 60 pages, it’s not a huge read and the bit that I did browse seems to be fairly well written.  I will probably give it a read this weekend and post my thoughts in a later article but I wanted to get it out there.  You can get the official copy from Army Pubs or I have also included a copy here.

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  1. CW3 Mantie, Stephen 915A

    Great read. The only thing it is missing from my WfF is automotive maintenance. Expeditionary Signal Battalions (ESBs) have all the 91 series and 92As assigned to each individual unit. This is a huge problem as the focus on ground maintenance is simply not there. In most cases, the unit commanders utilize their mechanics as they see fit. The BMT or Battalion Maintenance Technician (BMT) has little to no influence to the ground maintenance personnel in each of the companies. In this publication, it lists the BMT as the POC for scrubbing DA Form 5988E. The unit commanders have their own clerks, mechanics, motor sergeants and executive officers to scrub automotive 5988Es. I have no particular issue with scrubbing 5988Es however, this the only place in this doctrine that shows what I do as a BMT. Surely there is more to my job than looking at unit level PMCS operations. Just my two cents. There needs to be more automotive / ground maintenance procedures on the automotive (prime mover) side, in place at a signal unit to ensure the signal equipment can actually make it to its mission.

    CW3 Mantie

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