Signal Chief Is Legit Now!

A couple of months ago I got an email from the training developer for the 25W SLC course (note, I actually used to be the training developer for the 25N BNCOC course when it was first created) asking if it would be possible for them to use some of the articles that I’ve posted here as a daily handout to be used for a short 15 minute discussion.  I of course had no problem with it (hell it’s why I created the site in the first place).  Apparently the class that just started recently has started to this.  I take that to mean that Signal Chief is finally a legit source.  SCORE!  Thanks CCOE NCOA for thinking of Signal Chief when you were updating your course.

Also for anyone that is interested in contributing, I am always looking for people to help write (I only have so much time you know).

Signal Chief in SLC

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  1. Steve

    This site is a good place to find topics (with your take on them) that elicit good group conversations. Thanks for allowing the TD to utilize your site for relevant and current topics!

    Also, to the photographer, my right side is my good side lol

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