Warrant Officer Recruiting

I know I’m a little bit late getting this posted but here is the schedule for the first half of FY 18 warrant officer selection board.  As I’ve written before a few times, it’s our job to find our replacements so make sure you take the time to talk to your NCOs that show promise and mentor them to come to the dark side.

As of right now the 255A and 255N have two boards scheduled (I expect there will be a third one added later on for Sept 18)

  • 22 Jan 2018 (Board packets due NLT 13 Nov 2017)
  • 14 May 2018 (Board packets due NLT 20 Mar 2018)

For 170A there are currently two boards scheduled for FYI 18 (not sure if there will be another one added later on)

  • 13 Nov 2017 (Board packets due 22 Sept 2017)
  • 14 May 2018 (Board packets due 30 Mar 2018)

So get to work and talk to your NCOs.

Warrant 99th Birthday

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