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As I mentioned a week or so ago, we’re rapidly approaching the time that the military is able to most let our elected officials know what we think, by voting for them. This year is a really big year. Aside from the fact that it will decide who the president (and your Commander In Chief) is for the next 4 years, it will also elect 35 Senators, 435 Representatives, 11 Governors, and 278 State Level judges.

Below, I’ve compiled a chart showing the number of seats open for each state, the registration deadline, if the state allows early voting (43 states allow it), and what the rules are for absentee voting. No-excuse means that any registered voter can get an absentee ballot (34 states allow it), while Limited means that there are restrictions on who can get it. The important thing to remember is that as a member of the military, each of us qualify to vote via absentee, especially if you are stationed out of state. I will also point out that a number of states are changing their rules for 2020 due to the virus. The chart does not reflect that, but I hope to update it when we get closer and states have finalized all of their plans.

The link on each state will take you to the Ballotpedia site for that state’s elections which can give you some very detailed information about each of the candidates for all of the elections within that state. The link for each registration deadline will take you to the state’s voter registration page.

StateSenateHouseGovernorState CourtsRegistration DeadlineEarly VotingAbsentee Voting
Alaska1124-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Arizona19155-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
California5319-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Colorado1743-Nov-20YesMail-In Election
Florida27265-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Georgia21476-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Hawaii24-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Idaho1239-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Illinois1181318-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Iowa14724-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Kansas14613-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Maine1213-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Maryland873-Nov-20YesNo Excuse
Michigan114133-Nov-20YesNo Excuse
Minnesota18513-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Montana11124-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Nebraska13416-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Nevada434-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
New Hampshire1213-Nov-20NoLimited
New Jersey11213-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
New Mexico1363-Nov-20YesNo Excuse
New York274-Oct-20YesLimited
North Carolina113184-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
North Dakota1113-Nov-20YesNo Excuse
Ohio16234-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Oklahoma1599-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Oregon15813-Oct-20YesMail-In Election
Pennsylvania184-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Rhode Island124-Oct-20NoLimited
South Carolina174-Oct-20NoLimited
South Dakota11119-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Utah41723-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Vermont113-Nov-20YesNo Excuse
Virginia11112-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Washington101113-Nov-20YesMail-In Election
Washington, DC3-Nov-20YesNo Excuse
West Virginia131313-Oct-20YesLimited
Wisconsin8414-Oct-20YesNo Excuse
Wyoming11219-Oct-20YesNo Excuse

Again, I don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote. This year, I will be voting via mail in Maryland. I plan on making my voice heard….will you?

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