Identity Awareness, According to the DOD

Don't forget to take your CAC with you

Brought to you by the same group that thought that thought that Jeff and Tina were the way to get us to be cyber aware has now released their “Identity Awareness, Protection, and Management Guide” which is designed to show the average user how to actually safely configure various social media services, phones, and other digital services in a way that will protect your identity. I have to say that I didn’t have a lot of hope for it when I first opened the guide up but it’s actually very straight forward and easy to follow.

The guide doesn’t spend time preaching about making sure you take your CAC card with you but instead gives practical advice on what information various platforms have on you (whether realize it or not) and what settings you can change to help protect it and minimize your exposure online. It covers all of the normal social media platforms as well as dating apps, smart phones, data aggregation services, and your kids among other items. It’s not an exciting read, but I would absolutely encourage you to spend some time and consider the advice that it gives.

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