Warrant Officer Promotions

Warrant RanksFor the first time in a very long time, the warrant officer promotion board results were actually released in the same FY as when the board actually met!  First let me say congrats to everyone that was selected for promotion.  Before I go into the numbers, let me preface this by saying that these numbers are by no means official and are based solely on some beer math that I did.  Also while aviation warrants matter, I don’t personally care about them so this is only looking at the techs.  I am sure that HRC will eventually send out their official analysis of the board results and identify what they think the various discriminators where.  Until then…

Chief Warrant Officer 3

By my count there were 864 CW2s who were looked at for promotion.  Of those 605 were selected for promotion (the sequence numbers go through 625 but I only count 605 names so who knows) for an overall selection rate of 70%.  All and all not a bad year at all.  For the signal branch there were 100 warrants up for promotion with 59 selected for a 59% pickup rate (not bad but definitely not great).  Of those 100 looked at, 29 of them were above the zone with 8 of them (27.6) getting picked up.The breakdown goes:

  • 255A
    • Above the zone:  4/23 (17.4%)
    • Primary zone:  21/39 (53.8%)
    • Overall:  25/62 (40.3%)
  • 255N
    • Above the zone: 2/4 (50%)
    • Primary zone: 23/25 (92%)
    • Overall:  25/29 (86.2%)
  • 255S
    • Above the zone: 2/2 (100%)
    • Primary zone: 7/7 (100%)
    • Overall:  9/9 (100%)

I don’t think anyone is surprised to see the large pickup for the 255S but I am really surprised at the discrepancy between 255A and 255N.  I have not seen a manning report from HRC lately but I would love to see it and how it relates to this.

For the cyber branch they selected 7/7 (100%) which again is not a real surprise.  One of those 7 one was an above the zone select.

Chief Warrant Officer 4

For CW4, there were a total 366 warrants looked at with 301 selected (again, the last sequence number is 319 so who knows) for an overall selection rate of of 82.2%.  A really good year to look at CW4!  For signal branch, 46 were looked at with 34 selected for a 74% pickup.  Of those it was 2/6 for above the zone or 33.3%

  • 255A
    • Above the zone:  0/4 (0%)
    • Primary zone:  16/21 (76.2%)
    • Overall:  16/25 (64%)
  • 255N
    • Above the zone: 1/1 (100%)
    • Primary zone: 13/15 (86.7%)
    • Overall:  14/16 (87.5%)
  • 255S
    • Above the zone: 1/1 (100%)
    • Primary zone: 3/4 (75%)
    • Overall:  4/5 (80%)

Again, I was really surprised by the discrepancy between 255A and 255N

For cyber they were 8/8 (100%) with all of them being in the primary zone.

Chief Warrant Officer 5

For CW5, there were a total of 234 warrants looked at with 58 of them being picked up (24.8%).  Of those 3 of them were below the zone (congrats guys) and 19/111 (17.1%) were above the zone.  For signal branch we were 8/19 (42%) with 2/6 (33.3%) above the zone

  • 255A
    • Above the zone:  2/5 (40%)
    • Primary zone:  5/12 (41.7%)
    • Overall:  7/17 (41.2%)
  • 255N
    • Above the zone: 0/1 (0%)
    • Primary zone: 0/0 (0%)
    • Overall:  0/1 (0%)
  • 255S
    • Above the zone: 0/0 (0%)
    • Primary zone: 1/1 (100%)
    • Overall:  1/1 (100%)

For cyber they were 1/1 (100%) with a single above the zone pickup

Again, to everyone that was selected this year, congrats

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