Cyber Chief

Cyber ChiefYes that’s right after over 19 years of wearing signal orange I have traded it in for cyber grey.  Many of you are probably wondering why the hell I would make this change this late in my career.  There were a number of factors involved.  First, this was actually the 3rd time that I applied to make the move to cyber.  Unfortunately for a number of reasons, I wasn’t successful the first two times, but you know what they say…Third time’s a charm.  Truth of the mater is I haven’t touched a router since 2009.  After leaving Fort Riley as a Net Tech with a deployment under my belt I went and flew satellites for a couple of years.  After that I went to NTC which is where Signal Chief was born.  While I was around signal stuff every day, I wasn’t actually on keyboard.  From there, I moved to Fort Meade where I joined a Cyber Protection Team.  Now, I am still at Meade but have moved over towards the offensive side.

The bottom line is that that when I left Meade in less than a year, I would be going somewhere to do something signal without much in the way of recent practical experience.  Yes, I know that I would likely be working a staff job not putting hands on keyboard, but I still like to know what the hell I am doing because I truly believe that as a warrant we should be an expert at what we do.  Additionally, I really enjoy cyber.  It’s an interesting problem set that keeps me learning new things literally each and every day.

So what does that mean for Signal Chief?  Well not much in all honesty.  I had considered moving the site over to cyber-chief[.]com but that and cyberchief[.]com are both taken (looks like someone just squating on the domain names) and lets face it, after 19 years, I will always be signal.  I plan on keeping this site going as best as I can (I’m sure you’ve noticed a little decrease in my postings lately) and I am still always interested in people who want to contribute their own thoughts and articles.  So really other then the fact that I need to go get my ASUs modified, not a lot will change.  I hope you keep coming back, and I look forward to continuing to write….Troy

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